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Since the thought of working online to make a living marketing has been there to help the with letting small businesses attract clients and customers. That’s KuzminAgencies main goal, from coming from a small start we have the potential to be something great by helping our clients and to grow our inner circle and gaining better and better results. Our attention to quality and loyalty is our main concern because we are working the clients’ time which can never be made back. That’s why we are always going to have the clients up to speed on everything.

With the help of our experience and client base we have been able to consistently make deals and get results. No matter the size of the client we truly treat them as they are whale clients because we could make them the next big thing.

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With trying different avenues and ways to attract more clients and with each client we make sure we fit a strategy specifically for the client, we always stay in their pricerange and ahead of the curve. Trying new strategies to work with the clients base, location and overall products that they worked so hard to get them on the market.
Since the start of the pandemic when KuzminAgencies was founded, the idea was to find different ways to make money while working a 9-5 was not going the best. Finding people that had the same drive as we did. Since then we have been growing our referral base and waiting for that next client.


We are based in the USA and will make time for any of our clients around the world so don’t hesitate to give us a call. It could be the best thing you will do for your small ecommerce business.

Speak to you soon
Phillip Kuzmin


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